Auto Transport for Classic Car Shows

Each year, the city of Los Angeles plays home to numerous auto shows. This year will be no different as more than 20 world debuts will take place in the city of angels. And the majority of those prized exotic cars, classic cars and other vehicles will arrive by the way of auto transport companies.

Safely Transporting Classic Cars

There are numerous reasons why people opt to use auto transport to ship classic cars and other types of vehicles to auto shows. The main reason revolves around safety. Someone who owns a classic car in Utah and is planning on entering their vehicle in a classic car show in Florida may not want to take the risk of driving their vehicle. Also, it may simply not make sense or be practical as many classic cars are in a delicate state or may be inoperable – in which case auto transport is the only practical option.

Classic cars are a special situation because many vehicles retain their value based, in large part, on the number of miles they have. Therefore, driving your classic car across the country may not make financial sense. Between the money spent on gasoline, hotels and the inevitable maintenance that will result from the stress of such a long road trip, classic car owners need to weigh their options carefully.

Why Choose Auto Transport?

Reliability – Auto transport companies build their reputation on providing reliable services. What does this include? It includes things such as providing free rate quotes for shipping your classic car. It means offering the option to ship your classic car via enclosed transport versus open transport. You get to decide how and when your vehicle is shipped. Reliability means offering customers the possibility of guaranteed shipment dates and online tracking, allowing you to see where your vehicle is at any time and knowing that it will arrive when you expect.

Safety – Reputable auto transport companies hire only the best of the best when it comes to auto transport drivers. Each driver has to meet a rigorous set of standards; and each auto carrier is licensed and insured, protecting your vehicle while it is being shipped. Skilled auto transport drivers are familiar with the highways and byways that many of us could only dream of navigating.

Affordability – In many cases, auto transport can actually be a cost effective means of saving you hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars down the road in vehicle maintenance, repairs and long-distance travel expenses.

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