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Auto Transport Process

Car Delivery is made simple with our quick step by step process.

First our dispatch team and drivers make it simple to complete all the paperwork associated with your transport. They’ll schedule a pickup date based on the availability date you provided. CC Auto Movers will assign a truck and will let you know an estimated date for pickup and delivery. After a pickup date is assigned the drivers are to contact the customer 12-24 hours ahead of time to give a more precise time that the automobile should be delivered and to get more specific directions to the destination. The driver will go over an inspection of your vehicle when he arrives for pick up on a condition report called a Bill of Lading. Both the customer and the driver will confirm any scratches, dents or damage on the vehicle and sign the Bill of Landing. The same Bill of Lading will need to be confirmed and signed on delivery. Once the paperwork is signed you will have the keys to your.

If you have a question about our auto transport process please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to talk your through the steps.