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Successful Road Trip Tips

Road trips have become a rite of passage and a part of the lifestyle of the average driving person, whether you are eighteen and going on a road trip to the beach with your friends or thirty-four and taking your family to visit relatives in New York. They can be fun but if you are […]

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Military Vehicles Aid in Hunting Down Criminals

Military vehicles are being used for an entirely different purpose; US police officials in the state of Texas have obtained special permission to use military vehicles to aid in tracking down criminals.  According to a recent Fox News article:  The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office traveled to Fort Hood this month to acquire its own bona […]

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Auto Transport for Classic Car Shows

Each year, the city of Los Angeles plays home to numerous auto shows. This year will be no different as more than 20 world debuts will take place in the city of angels. And the majority of those prized exotic cars, classic cars and other vehicles will arrive by the way of auto transport companies. […]

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Snowbirds time to make arrangements to ship your car to your winter homes.

Easily Ship Your Car With fall approaching, snowbirds who return south when the weather cools often need to get their vehicles from one home to another, and many don’t want to drive. There are, however, companies that will put your car on a car carrier and delivery it to you. CC Auto Movers, Inc. has […]

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Top 5 reasons to ship your next new car

Everyone has different reasons for purchasing a vehicle from another state. Most of it comes from selection. You are more likely to get exactly what you are looking for.

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We have a NEW Website!

CC Auto Movers, Inc. new website is up and coming soon. We are one of the best rated auto transport companies, within the US. We ship cars Nationwide to and from all 48 states. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured transport corporation. Open and enclosed car carriers are available, we only use the best drivers in the industry. Call, email or fill out a request online for a free car shipping quote 321-406-1570.

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Ship my Car

CC Auto Movers, Inc. is considered one of the best customer service auto transport companies today. In the Auto Transport service we are considered to be trusted by all types of dealerships, private customers, car rentals, and anyone who needs their vehicle moved Nationwide. We offer door to door auto transport service, as long as […]

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Get the Best Value for Your Trade

For most people, dealing with trading-in a car when buying a new one often seems like more of a hassle than a real opportunity to get a decent amount for the next car. What we are unaware of is how much we can actually do to influence the value of our trade in vehicles. One […]

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Check out this wonderful new service called Thumbtack! You simply post a note for what service you want and when you want it, then Tumbtack refers high rated professionals to you based on their availability and they can bid on the service you need performed. Its actually quite cool! Check out their About Us page […]

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Shipping a Dream…

We have all had that dream of driving a Ferrari through the Italian countryside or a 911 Turbo on the Autobahn. For the lucky ones that own these amazing cars, finding a place to truly open them up is a challange. Fret not my friends! There are many racetracks and sports car clubs that host […]

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