Get the Best Value for Your Trade

For most people, dealing with trading-in a car when buying a new one often seems like more of a hassle than a real opportunity to get a decent amount for the next car. What we are unaware of is how much we can actually do to influence the value of our trade in vehicles. One thing we can all agree on is that with the present day economy every little bit of extra cash can go a long way.

1. Do Your Research
First thing you should do is search online to see what your car is worth and for how much your model has been selling. That is your starting point. But, before you do anything else, make sure you modify your mind set. Don’t think only about what you paid for your car and how much you found that it is now actually worth. You have to start thinking like a salespeople working for a car dealership. Put yourself in their shoes and prepare yourself well before you face them.

2. Make it Look it’s Best
So, before you bring your car to be sold, make sure that you properly clean your car, inside and out. No garbage should be left anywhere. Even the glove compartment should be cleaned out with only car’s documentation and maintenance records left inside. After you wash its exterior, consider doing a swift polishing job. Even ten minutes of running some polishing rags around cars doors will make it look great. This cleaning is not only meant to make your car look better. You will also show that you are responsible person who was taking good care of your car. You will also show you actually care about your car. It will influence dealership personnel to show you considerably more respect when making your actual offer.

3. Find the Right Dealer
Another homework assignment- you should do before taking your car to a dealership is to scout around and find which dealer may offer you best deals. If you just visit their parking lots, you will be able to see firsthand how many trade-ins verses how many new cars they have on a lot. Those that have large stocks of new cars might be pressured to offer you better deals so they can move their inventory.

5. Negotiate
Once you select your dealer and start negotiating, make sure you stay relaxed and flexible. If there is some minor problem with the car, feel free to point it out. Car dealer may actually offer you a better price if they know the actual state of the car.

So, the lesson here is to do your research prior to going out. Your time is precious and to waste it makes no sense.

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