Military Vehicles Aid in Hunting Down Criminals

Military vehicles are being used for an entirely different purpose; US police officials in the state of Texas have obtained special permission to use military vehicles to aid in tracking down criminals.

According to a recent Fox News article:

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office traveled to Fort Hood this month to acquire its own bona fide military vehicle – the International MaxxPro MRAP tactical vehicle —  courtesy of a Department of Defense surplus program.

A New Use for a Military Vehicle

We ship military vehicles all of the time, and most of our car transport customers are actual member of the military or family members of those brave men and women serving our country.
The news article went on to report that the particular military vehicle obtained by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, the MaxxPro MRAP, was never used overseas and only has a mere 10,000 miles of use. Now, compare this to other similar vehicles, which were reportedly employed by the military in war zones, and specifically to withstand roadside IEDs, or improvised explosive devices.

Today, the MaxxPro MRAP will be used for an entirely different reason: to serve warrants on wanted men in the state of Texas.

One can’t help but wonder- “Is crime in Texas really so dangerous that it merits the use of a military vehicle to issue warrants?”

Working Together

Personal opinions aside, it’s good to see the military working in conjunction with a local law enforcement agency. Not only does it remind us of the dangerous yet important job that our military men and women do each and every day; it also brings to light the risk as well as the hard work that our local law enforcement agencies do right here at home.

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