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Successful Road Trip Tips

Road trips have become a rite of passage and a part of the lifestyle of the average driving person, whether you are eighteen and going on a road trip to the beach with your friends or thirty-four and taking your family to visit relatives in New York. They can be fun but if you are […]

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5 Thanksgiving Travel Tips

It has been well-known for quite some time that Thanksgiving is one of the most (if not the most) traveled holiday of the year. This is especially true for those who are traveling by car. For many who plan to use their vehicles during the holidays but who do not necessarily want to travel by […]

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Texting and Driving: 5 Reasons Why It's Not Worth the Risk

Red light. Green light. 1-2-3. Within seconds, the cell phone is out, and you find yourself in mid conversation with a friend or looking something up on the Internet.  Even if you think that texting is harmless if you’re stopped at a red light, it is still distracting. Why? Think about the fact that if […]

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5 Tips for Safer Travel This Autumn

As the cooler, autumn weather begins to roll in, many people will begin planning road trips to the mountains to see the leaves changing color. Still, others will plan road trips to warmer parts of the country while college kids will plan their first road trips home to see family for fall breaks. A safe […]

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