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Understanding Vehicle Transport Services 

CC Auto Movers specializes in car, truck, suv, classic car, boat, motorcycle, rv and all other types of  vehicle transport. Auto transport rates vary depending upon the type, size and weight of the item or items being transported. The distance between the city of origin and the destination also factors heavily into the final price of shipping. We will provide you with a free quote if you submit your request online or call us at 321-406-1570 for an instant quote. 

To prepare your car for shipping make sure the car and trunk is free of any personal belongings. We do not transport household goods in our trucks. Please also ensure that your fuel tank is at least 1/4 full.

Door To Door Vehicle Transport Services

Our auto shippers are door to door meaning we do not use terminals. Each time your vehicle is loaded or unloaded, there is the potential of accidental damage, scratches, dents, and so on. By not using terminals, we ship your car directly from one location to the other on the same vehicle carrier. This reduces any chance of damaging your vehicle.

3 Key Points to Make Your Vehicle Transport Easier

1) You or someone you designate must be present for the pick up and the delivery of your vehicle. Our drivers will inspect the vehicle on pick up and delivery as well as get you to provide a signature on the condition report.

2) You are encouraged to have insurance on the vehicle prior to transport. The carrier’s policy is in effect door to door and in all situations where damage or loss is the direct result of the driver’s negligence. The truck that your vehicle is on is fully insured meaning the drivers insurance will take care of any damages.

3) We will stay in contact with you throughout the full process when you auto transport with us. You will also receive a mobile phone number for the driver and the driver will provide advance notice of arrival.

If you have any questions relating to auto, truck, suv, motorcycle, boat, rv, classic car, misc, or any type of car transport services please feel free to give us a call at 1.321.406.1570 or submit a quote online.