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Enclosed Auto Transport – We’ve Got Special Vehicles All Wrapped Up!

When you have an exceptional vehicle that you need shipped, one of those examples of automotive art that’s somehow more than just a car or a motorcycle, CC Auto Movers Enclosed Auto Transport service is the only way to go.

Safe, Secure & Stress-Free

There are several important advantages to using enclosed auto shipping. If you spent time and effort preparing your classic car for an event, like the fabulous annual Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, it ensures that it gets to the destination in the same pristine condition as when it left.
Whether it’s worth a million dollars or is simply irreplaceable personally, there’s no danger from stones or other debris being thrown up from the road. It’s also safe from any damage that might be done by people who have no respect for the property of others.
Other times, it’s just a question of wanting your car or motorcycle transported away from public view – or rivals in competition. Enclosed transportation assures complete privacy and discretion, from door-to-door.
Just because your vehicle is out of sight, that doesn’t mean it’s out of mind. We’re keenly aware of both the financial and personal value of the special cars and other vehicles we transport, and of the trust you put in us.
Be it classic American muscle or European exotic, vintage truck or rare SUV, custom car or cycle, we get it where it needs to go with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of care. It will arrive as it left, its inherent beauty preserved, its value intact.

Your Valuable Vehicle, Our Invaluable Experience

At any time of the day or night we’re involved in the safe enclosed transportation of unique vehicles for private individuals, specialist car dealers and fine automobile auction houses. They use us because we’ve built an unrivaled reputation for trustworthiness, professionalism and efficiency.
Naturally, we’re fully bonded and insured. We’ve also made significant investments in personnel and machinery so that we can offer the skills and equipment necessary for the safe handling of all kinds of rare, valuable and vintage vehicles. Our wide range of enclosed transportation has different capacities, hard or soft sides, hydraulic lifts, etc., all designed to provide the perfect environment for your car.
Our experienced network of enclosed auto shippers reaches right across the country. For us, going from A to B is wherever you need it to be.
It’s whenever you need it too. We appreciate that sometimes you’re up against deadlines and while advanced notice always guarantees things are carried out on schedule, we’ll go out of our way to help you if you’re in a bind. If we can’t do it, nobody can.
No other enclosed transport company knows the business of moving classic and exotic cars better than CC Auto Movers Inc. It’s more than just what we do every day, it’s a passion that we share with our clients.

True Customer Care

Around here, customer care isn’t just a throw-away phrase, it’s a guiding principle.

If you’re a private enthusiast, shipping a special vehicle in enclosed transportation may be something you’ve never done before. Don’t worry, call us now and we’ll take the pressure off. Our support team is here to answer your questions, to help plan the move, to co-ordinate documentation if necessary, and to discuss any special requirements. You can use our website to get a quick idea of pricing, but classic cars and enclosed auto transportation often fall outside those parameters, so don’t hesitate to discuss what you need with one of our experts.
If you’re a seasoned exhibitor or professional then, like us, moving exotic vehicles is something you do regularly. We speak the same language. Email us, or pick up the phone and lets discuss what you need. We can also talk about how things will run a lot more smoothly (and more cost-effectively) when you work with us.
CC Auto Movers are THE specialists. Would you really want to trust your valuable vehicle to anyone else?
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