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Open Auto Transport – Convenient, Cost-Effective, and Always With Care

If you’re moving some distance – whether for work or personal reasons – there are many good reasons for using a specialist car transportation company. Driving the vehicle yourself may not suit your schedule. It can be tiring (particularly if the whole family is packed in for hours on end). It can be costly, even using budget motels. Gas isn’t as cheap as it once was either.
In any number of situations, an experienced, reliable, auto shipper can save you a lot of problems, especially when you’ve got plenty of other thing to be thinking about and sorting out. At times like that, CC Auto Movers Open Transport service is the perfect choice.

Affordable Door-to-Door Car Delivery

Our most cost-effective service is called open transportation – we run those multi-level car transporters you see on the highway all the time. You know they’re safe, because hundreds of thousands of cars are moved that way every year. The big auto dealerships use them all the time – and they’re the last people to be taking risks with automobiles!
We work with dealerships, with classic collectors and custom car builders and with some of the top automotive auction houses. We also work with people like you who just need an efficient way to get their car across the state, or across the country.
As you can imagine, transporting several cars at the same time help keep costs as low as possible. We do need to allow some flexibility in terms of pick-up and delivery times, but then you would expect that with such a competitively priced auto delivery option. Time difference is minimal and it’s all arranged in advance so you know exactly what’s going on.
If you really need specific times, we do have an expedited auto delivery service that can be catered to fit your needs precisely. For the majority of people, however, open vehicle transportation is quick and convenient. In fact it’s the ideal solution.

The Best Drivers, The Finest Fleet

Our service is trusted by private individuals and by people in the automotive business. We move individual cars worth millions of dollars, and we move millions of dollars worth of cars.
That doesn’t mean we take your vehicle for granted. We have a tremendous reputation for care and professionalism, but it only stays that good if we maintain high standards.
So in addition to being properly bonded, licensed and insured, we’re also constantly investing in personnel and fleet. Our people are extremely skilled drivers – as you’ll understand if you’ve ever seen the control required to load one of those open transporters. The trucks themselves are custom-built for the job with numerous safety features, to ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination in the same condition that it left you.

Unbeatable Customer Service

If you’re in the car business, then moving multiple vehicles on open transporters will be something that you do frequently. We invite you to give us a call so we can show you how much better the service your receiving ought to be.
If you’re an individual car owner, chances are you’ve never done anything like this before – which is why our phones are manned by experts. That way, we can talk you through all the detail, answer your questions and make sure you’re getting everything you need.
We understand that people lead busy lives, so let us make things as easy as possible. Call CC Auto Movers now and let us handle the stress and make all the arrangements. It’s one less task you need to worry about.
CC Auto Movers are THE specialists. Would you really want to trust your vehicle to anyone else?
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