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Military Transportation – We’ve Got All The Bases Covered

For some military personnel, getting a new posting is good reason to throw a few things in the car and head out on a road trip. Nice as that may sound, it’s not always practical, and if you’ve got to be on a different base at a precise time the last thing you want to be concerned with is cross-country auto transport.
Fortunately, it’s what we do all the time, so a quick call to CC Auto Movers Military Transport division and you’ll be able to ship out with one less thing to worry about!

PCS: Precision Car Shipping

Excuse the little joke, but when you get your Permanent Change of Station we want you to know that you’ll be dealing with a car transportation company that understands the language, the system and what you need.
We can pick up your car from wherever is best for you and deliver it point-to-point, anywhere in the continental Unites States. It’s not only useful if you’re pressed for time, it can be convenient if you’re moving the whole family. If that’s the case, and multiple vehicles are involved, you’ll get an additional discount on top of the special rate we always give military service personnel.
You can choose from a number of delivery types, depending on your vehicle or vehicles. If you run a typical family sedan, then open transportation (those multi-level trucks you see everywhere) is easy and remarkably cost-effective.
If you’ve got a particularly cherished vehicle, like an open-top sports car, classic American muscle, or maybe a collection of cars and motorcycles, then closed transportation that protects your vehicles from everyday road debris and dirt might be a better choice. Pick up the phone and we can make a rapid evaluation that will guarantee you get the option that fits your needs best.
Rest assured, whichever method you choose, we have all the necessary bonding, insurance and licenses and we’ll take care of all the details necessary to get your car from A to B, safe and sound.

Top People, The Best Kit Available

We know all about orders – a different kind to yours perhaps, but our business depends on fulfilling the demands of customers across the nation. When customers say jump, we ask how high! We move hundreds of vehicles worth millions of dollars, so getting things wrong is not an option.
We ship cars and motorcycles of all kinds, for automotive professionals, private individuals, and personnel from all branches of the armed services. They trust us do do the job right and we, in return, work hard to maintain our reputation for ensuring vehicles are where we say they’ll be, when we say. We invest considerable resources in training, materials and equipment to support that aim.
Our experience means there’s nobody who handles cars better than we do – from the drivers who load the trucks (quite a skill in itself) to those who coordinate deliveries to air, sea and land bases right across the country. You may be going somewhere for the first time, but there’s a good chance we’ve been there before!

Unrivaled Support

There’s a lot to sort out when you get a new posting, so let us take some of the load off. Talk to your base transportation office first, to see if you’re entitled to any kind of relocation allowance, then give us a call.
Our website has a useful calculator that can give you an initial idea of the cost of military transportation, but it’s probably best to talk to one of our shipping experts so you can work out the details. We know you’re busy, so don’t worry, it won’t take long.
Once you’ve decided which of our options suits you best, we’re done. You can concentrate on something else, knowing that one part of your move is already squared away.
CC Auto Movers are THE specialists. Would you really want to trust your vehicle to anyone else?
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