Snowbird Car Shipping

Snowbird Car Shipping – Sun, Sea and Safe Delivery

Snowbirds deserve the same high standards of car shipping as anyone else. The same competitive prices, the same point-to-point delivery. So when you’re booking your cross-country vehicle transportation, beware of companies who want to jack up prices just because they say snowbird season is a busy time.

CC Auto Movers nationwide network is actually based in Cocoa Beach, Florida, so we know more than most about the requirements of snowbird auto shipping. We understand that you’re looking forward to your trip, we also understand you’ve got plenty to sort out before you leave.

So why not let a team of seasoned professionals take one of those tasks off your hands? As hundreds of satisfied customer will tell you, CC Auto Movers specialist Snowbird Transport service makes migration so much easier.

There and Back Again, Safe and Sound

We know some people like to make the long drive south, and back north again at the end of the season. That’s great if you want to spend that time on the road, and have the money and energy.

But for many people, the expense, drawbacks and potential delays make having a vehicle shipped direct a much better option. That’s why so many choose to head straight for the sun and the sand on a quick and easy flight, while trusting us to move their car for them.

The most cost-effective approach is to give us plenty of notice so we can arrange your snowbird shipping to coincide with our scheduled routes. You still get personalized door-to-door auto shipping, but flexible timing helps us keep your price down.

Alternatively, you can choose expedited shipping, and have your car collected and delivered precisely to your schedule. It’s a little more, but then it’s an individually tailored service, so you would expect that.

Maybe you’ve got an RV you would like shipped, or a boat you want to bring south? Don’t worry, CC Auto Movers have vehicles designed to move any kind of personal transportation. If you’ve got a cherished classic car, we can provide enclosed transportation that gives maximum protection on long journeys.

Delivering High Standards

Snowbird car transportation is, obviously, a seasonal thing – and an important part of our business. Yes, it’s a busy time (which is why we encourage you to book as early as possible), but we can never understand why some shippers seem to put obstacles in your way – like higher prices or other restrictions.

There can also be problems caused by second-string trucking, something that will never happen with CC Auto Movers. We’re 100% licensed, bonded and insured, and we invest considerable resources in personnel, training and equipment to ensure we’re working with the finest fleet and exceptionally skilled operators. There are no higher standards of professionalism in the entire auto transportation industry.

Talk To An Expert

Every one of our customers – from the biggest national auto dealer, to the family who just wants their sedan taken across state – gets the same exceptional level of customer care. The same attention to detail. That’s also true for our regular snowbird clients who use us year after year.

So how can we help you? Our phones are manned by experts, so if you’re coming south for the first time – whether that’s here in Florida, or Texas, California, New Mexico, etc. – they can answer all your questions. If you’ve been doing this for years, they’ll show you why CC Auto Movers have such a tremendous reputation with snowbirds, and why so many come back to us time after time. Either way, they’ll help guide you through making all the arrangements.

Being a snowbird is supposed to be fun and relaxing. You’ve earned it, you should enjoy it. So call CC Auto Movers today and let us take all the stress and worry out of shipping your car.

CC Auto Movers are THE specialists. Would you really want to trust your vehicle to anyone else?

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